Estecem II Plus

Used in combination with the new Tokuyama Universal Bond II, dual resin aesthetic cement (4 shades available), offers cementation procedures simplified. Treatment of the tooth and the prosthetic product takes place without the need for specific primers as for other universal adhesives system (primer for zirconium oxide, or for metals or for ceramic, etc.).

  • Glass/oxide-ceramic crowns, bridges.
  • Inlays and onlays (porcelain, zirconium oxide and alumina), metals/alloys (precious, non-precious) e resinous materials.
  • Luting of veneers, luting of abutments in ceramic or metal
  • Glass fiber posts or quartz fiber posts.
  • Reliable adhesion over time and with all prosthetic materials
  • Flexural modulus of elasticity and strength to ensure the durability of your adhesive cements over time
  • Ease of use, simple and fast removal of excess cement
  • Chromatic stability over time

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions in the attached “Operating Instructions”.


  • Bond A (5 ml)
  • Bond B (4 ml)
  • Color Universal Paste A/B (vol 2,3 ml each / poid 4,7 g each)
  • 15 Cementing Mixing Tip
  • 5 Mini Mixing Tip S
  • 5 Nozzle for Mixing Tip S
  • Mixing well
  • 5 Dimple Disposable mixing wells
  • 25 Disposable applicator brushes
  • Universal: A shade having a tooth color. (A2) Ideal for Anterior Esthetic Restorations, and generally a wide range of shade matching cases. Universal shade is included in Kit.
  • Clear: A colorless and transparent shade. Suitable for Esthetic Crown and Veneers where the underlying tooth color provides most of the color needs.
  • Brown: A shade having a dentin color. Suitable for ceramic or composite resin crowns.
  • White-Opaque: A shade with high opacity. Suitable for veneer and other cases requiring masking of the underlying color.


  • Brown – Universal – Clear – White opaque


  • Bond A (5 ml)
  • Bond B (4 ml)

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