Direct aesthetic restorations: “no more temporary fillings”

Marmara University, Dentistry Faculty
Restorative Department, Istanbul - Turkey

The developments of materials and methods in adhesive dentistry lead more aesthetic, functional and
minimally invasive direct resin restorations. Single visit treatment option is one of the main advantages of
these natural alike restorations when considering the treatment plan. Polychromatic or monochromatic, minimally invasive composite veneer restorations covering whole labial/buccal surface of anterior teeth, are also good treatment options compared to the rival ceramic veneer restorations. Direct composite veneers were told to have some disadvantages as instability and discoloration in the past years. However with correct indication, good isolation, successful adhesion, proper technique, detailed polishing procedures and frequent recalls, these restorations may have long-term clinical success. Formerly called ‘temporary fillings’ are called ‘direct aesthetic restorations’ now as they deserve.

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