Autran Academy Selection

Two days of training in Barcelona, at the Autrán Dental Academy. This was the training session “Mejora tus composites en 2 días” where the Autran Academy Selection made its debut, a range of products that accompany training according to the technique of Dr. Autran. For Tokuyama, the nuances of Estelite Sigma Quick and a trial of Omnichroma Flow could not be missing,

guarantee of an aesthetic result in the name of naturalness thanks to its workability, polishability and chameleon effect!

One year since the presentation of OMNICHROMA

Almost one year has elapsed since the presentation of OMNICHROMA, the first and only Smart Chromatic Technology in the world, which has revolutionized composites and direct conservative dentistry and which solves, simultaneously, all the issues with color matching.
These ten months seem years, if we think of the revolution carried by OMNICHROMA.
How? Eliminating added pigments and leveraging physics, which favors structural color in resin composite. What does this mean in practice? That looking for a color match, a challenge faced everyday by every professional, will no longer be an issue.
Many patients, many nuances in their smile, one product only!
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Estelite Sigma Quick winner of the Award in the Top Composite category

Estelite Sigma Quick winner of the Award in the Top Composite category
The prestigious clinical evaluating body for dental products DENTAL ADVISOR has awarded the 2020 prizes for the various product category.
The prize awarded in the Top Composite category has been to Estelite Sigma, for the tenth year.

Interceptive orthodontics

All sold out for interceptive orthodontics – in compliance with #Covid19 measures– in the meeting organized some days ago by the AIO Modena Bologna chapter in the training center of Aesthetic Dental. An opportunity to grow and share ideas for the professionals present. And for the speakers a closing with TokuCube.

A composite for each smile

The monography of Il Dentista Moderno for Tokuyama Dental

Il Dentista Moderno launches “Un composito per ogni sorriso” (a composite for each smile), the monography dedicated to Tokuyama with the clinical cases of restorations made with Omnichroma®.