Dental bonding

Three different solutions to ensure a strong chemical bonding and the sealing of margins.

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Tokuyama Universal Bond II

Changing the way restorations are done.

Tokuyama Bond Force II

The definitive solution to prevent the infiltration of enamel bevel

Dental composites

Dental reconstruction, with the lines Estelite and Omnichroma, opens to new horizons

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Omnichroma Flow Bulk


Estelite Color

A contribution to your creative touch.

Estelite Posterior

For innovation and high esthetic outcomes also in posterior restorations.

Estelite Sigma Quick

Up to 90 seconds to create a real work of art, only 10 seconds to light cure it.


Estelite Asteria

Estelite Bulk Fill Flow

Universal Flow HIGH

The new era of Flow composites

Universal Flow MEDIUM

The new era of Flow composites

Universal Flow SUPER LOW

The new era of Flow composites

Dental cements

Easy handling, ideal esthetic and adhesive properties for teeth and prosthetic materials

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Estecem II Plus

Prevention and profylaxis

Durable protective sealing for the treatment of dentinal hypersensitivity

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Tokuyama Shield Force Plus

Dental impressions

Innovative lines of precision impression materials developed for the different impression techniques, on both natural teeth and implant pillars or in orthodontics.

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Estesil H2TOP® FAST

Estesil H2TOP®

Fiber post

Tokupost, the line of quartz fiber posts for the pre-prosthetic restoration

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Tokupost 15R

A solid foundation for your prosthetic restoration

Tokupost 18

A solid foundation for your prosthetic restoration


A solid foundation to your prosthetic restoration.


Resins with hard and soft characteristics for all types of relining.

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Sofreliner Tough M

Sofreliner Tough S

Tokuyama Rebase II