Estelite Bulk Fill Flow

At last you will be able to use a flowable “Bulk” composite for your esthetic restorations, without the stress of cavity configuration.

Estelite Bulk Fill Flow has a natural esthetic effect. The “chameleon” effect and the appropriate translucency degree of Estelite Bulk Fill Flow create an excellent color match with the surrounding dentition. The difference between the composite restoration and the natural tooth is hardly noticeable!

  • Lateral-posterior cavity restorations
  • Class I and II cavity lining
  • Cavity base for indirect restorations (eliminating undercuts)
  • Small repairs of porcelain/composite


  • Single placing up to 4 mm.
  • No need of final “capping layer”.
  • Extremely easy polishing.


  • High color match with the surrounding dentition.
  • Long lasting restoration gloss.


  • Reduced shrinkage stress.
  • Good adaptation to cavity walls.
  • High wear resistance and low wear with opposing tooth.
  • Estelite Bulk Fill Flow was designed to turn its translucency after curing from semi-transparent to opaque, thus increasing its final luminosity
  • Estelite Bulk Fill Flow is available in semi-translucent colors. If applied in Class III or IV direct restorations, after curing it may look dark. Do not use Estelite Bulk Fill Flow for Class III or IV direct restorations when opacity is very important.
  • Place the tip of your lamp as close as possible to the area to be cured in order to fully take advantage of the “RAP Technology” ” (remember that light intensity decreases based on the square of the distance)


• 1 1.8 mL syringe (3.0g);
• 10 tips;

Available in the following colors:
ref. 12700 | syringe U
ref. 12701 | syringe B1
ref. 12702 | syringe A1
ref. 12703 | syringe A2
ref. 12704 | syringe A3

Estelite Bulk Fill Flow PLT:
• 20 0.11mL (0.2g) capsules (plt) each available in the following colors:
ref. 12720 | plt U
ref. 12721 | plt B1
ref. 12722 | plt A1
ref. 12723 | plt A2
ref. 12724 | plt A3

  • U
  • B1
  • A1
  • A2
  • A3

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