OMNNICHROMA is the innovative and revolutionary product expressing
the highest chromatic match capability with the widest shades and colors range, therefore covering the classic VITA shades with only one composite hue. All of this thanks to its Smart Chromatic Technology, patented by TOKUYAMA,
that gives color its “physical” dimension. No pigment added.

OMNICHROMA is a composite that reaches a wide color matching generating a structural color, in an additive mix system, thanks to its unique Spherical Filler, for the first time with a uniform size, 260nm. The color space (Munsell sphere) visible for natural teeth is rather limited and distributed in the narrow range from red to yellow, from A1 to D4, with various degrees of brightness, darkness and saturation.

  • Direct restorations in the anterior and posterior sectors
  • Veneers in composite
  • Diastema closures
  • Repairs of resin composite restorations or ceramic materials

Simplified use:
Only one syringe for an extreme “color match”! One optional Blocker syringe to solve the most extreme cases in anterior sectors.

Esthetic and reliable:
Thanks to the really «Supra Nano Spherical Filler», exclusive patent by Tokuyama, mimesis is ensured at all levels.
Really innovative:
We are the pioneers of a new era.

This is a supplementary material designed for use as a thin layer at the lingual cavity wall of extensive class III and IV restorations. OMNICHROMA BLOCKER can also mask slight staining or be used to reconstruct a highly opaque tooth. The thickness required of OMNICHROMA BLOCKER depends on the clinical case. A 0.5mm thickness is indicated as a guide, but it may also be thicker for whiter and more opaque teeth, or thinner for chromatic and translucent teeth.

1 2.2 ml syringe (4.0g)
20 0.11 ml each PLTs (20×0.20g)
Omnichroma Clinical Guide

1 2.2 ml syringe (4.0g)
20 0.11 ml each PLTs (20×0.20g)
Omnichroma Clinical Guide

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