Estelite Asteria

Simplifying is the right word to describe this new, highly aesthetic composite, based on the chromatic and translucency matching of body and enamel masses. Both are able to replicate nature: body masses modulate the degree of translucency through their thickness while enamel masses provide effects similar to the enamel of natural teeth. Few essential shades (7 body and 5 enamel shades) are able to cover almost all clinical needs of professionals. In addition, the material can also be applied using a simplified technique, thus making the work of professionals easier. With only two masses the best aesthetic results can be obtained in both the anterior and posterior region. This product provides comfort and work ergonomics in the dental office: a close match in the evolution of conservative dentistry. Estelite Asteria, like all Tokuyama’s composites, contains a really spherical filler thanks to the exclusive patent Sol-Gel, ensuring a
molecular structure with accurate size and shape. Combination of unique features of manageability and esthetic outcome, very user-friendly and easy to model and polish, total shade matching and
shine over time: these features are the result of our patented Sol-Gel, for a new smile on your patients’ faces

  • Anterior and posterior restorations
  • Composite veneer
  • Diastema closure
  • Composite/porcelain repair
  • Outstanding esthetics
  • Invisible margins
  • Superior & long lasting gloss retention
  • Simplified layering
  • Optimal handling
  • Non-stick & easy to sculpt
  • Ample working time (90 sec. under ambient light 10.000 lux)

Place the tip of your lamp as close as possible to the area to be cured in order to fully take advantage of the “RAP Technology” (remember that light intensity decreases based on the square of the distance)

For further details please read the Estelite Asteria Clinical Guide with step by step instructions on how to restore the different Black’s cavity classes.

Ref. 10931 Estelite Asteria Essential Kit:

  • 7 syringes, 4.0g each (shades: A1B, A2B, A3B, A3.5B, A4B, NE, OcE)
  • 1 clinical guide

Ref. 10396stelite Asteria PLT Essential Kit:

  • 15 plts, 0.20g each, per shade: A1B, A2B, A3B, A3.5B, A4B, NE, OcE
  • 1 clinical guide

Estelite Asteria Siringa:

1 syringe, 4.0g
Available in the following colors:
ref. 10941 | syringe A1B
ref. 10942 | syringe A2B
ref. 10943 | syringe A3B
ref. 10944 | syringe A3.5B
ref. 10945 | syringe A4B
ref. 10946 | syringe B3B
ref. 10947 | syringe BL
ref. 10948 | syringe NE
ref. 10949 | syringe WE
ref. 10950 | syringe YE
ref. 10951 | syringe TE
ref. 10952 | syringe OcE

Estelite Asteria PLT:

15 plts, 0.20g each
Available in the following colors:
ref. 10365 | plt A1B
ref. 10366 | plt A2B
ref. 10367 | plt A3B
ref. 10368 | plt A3.5B
ref. 10369 | plt A4B
ref. 10370 | plt B3B
ref. 10371 | plt BL
ref. 10372 | plt NE
ref. 10373 | plt WE
ref. 10374 | plt YE
ref. 10375 | plt TE
ref. 10376 | plt OcE

Tinte Body:

  • A1B
  • A2B
  • A3B
  • A3.5B
  • A4B
  • B3B
  • BL


Body shades are extremely suitable even with a less thick beveled margin thanks to the optical effect produced by their inherent mimetic qualities. They are able to ensure a balanced opacity sufficient to avoid color interferences without having to use matt colors or dentins. Colors A1B-A4B adapt to most natural teeth. The additional colors BL and B3B are suitable for extremely white teeth (BL) and yellowish teeth (B3B), respectively.


Enamel shades:
NE (natural enamel) – main use in the anterior sectors
WE (white enamel) -recommended for the proximal wall; suggested as an alternative to NE in case of whiter color
YE (yellow enamel) -indicated for depigmented orange enamel
TE (translucid enamel) -dedicated to especially translucent anterior teeth
OcE (occlusal enamel) -indicated for the occlusal area in posterior teeth

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