Omnichroma Flow Bulk

OMNICHROMA Flow BULK is a low viscosity, light-curable, radiopaque resin composite for use in anterior and posterior restorations, indicated for all cavity classes. OMNICHROMA Flow BULK is a single color material. Direct placement of OMNICHROMA Flow BULK into a prepared cavity allows for easy handling.

It completes the range of the OMNICHROMA family, the first and only composites that use the Smart Chromatic Technology, the only technology that makes it possible to achieve a broad color matching, without the addition of dyes or pigments. Thus, a structural color is generated, in an additive mixing system, thanks to the unique Spherical Filler and for the first time of uniform size, 260nm. The chromatic space (Munsell sphere) visible for natural teeth is rather limited and distributed in the narrow range that goes from red to yellow, from A1 to D4, with various degrees of brightness, darkness and saturation.

  • anterior and posterior direct restorations
  • Cavity base or liner
  • to eliminate undercuts in the cavity before making indirect restorations
    ceramic/composite repair

Excellent aesthetic properties

– unprecedented color matching
– high polishability
– high stain resistance

Excellent physical-mechanical properties

– low polymerization shrinkage among flowable bulk fill resin composites
– applicable for bulk fill

Exclusive benefits

– greater efficiency – save time and money
– simplify inventory management
– reduce composite waste
– never run out of colors again

It is a supplementary material designed for large class III and IV restorations or special cases that require the masking of stains or pigmentations. The use of OMNICHROMA Blocker Flow has the advantage of improving the chromatic adaptation and preventing OMNICHROMA Flow BULK from revealing the darkness of the oral cavity, it allows to mask slight stains and/or discolorations and facilitates the reconstruction of a very opaque tooth.


1 syringe, 3g (1.8mL)
Tokuyama Dispensing Tip (x10)

1 syringe, 3g (1.8mL)
Tokuyama Dispensing Tip (x10)

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Omnichroma Flow Bulk


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