Tokupost 15R

A solid foundation for your prosthetic restoration

New posts in quartz fiber with calibrated bur and Verifier (to check the length and diameter of the root canal without polluting the fiber post). The Toku Post 15r size has been designed to achieve an Optimal Fitting, ensuring an adequate load distribution. Additionally, the retention notches allow a better anchoring of the material (Tokuyama Universal Flow SUPER LOW) for the pre-prosthetic Core-Build Up, ensuring the post-endodontic restoration’s functionality.

Why a fiber post?
The need of coronal restoration by using an endocanal post is due to the following clinical conditions:

– Need to anchor, and therefore retain, the coronal restoration, through the endocanal seating of a post or through the extension of the restoration material in the endocanal space.
– Need to increase the resistance of the coronal build-up by means of posts in turn anchored along the root canals.

Anatomical shape: optimized design, comply with the major kinds of Ni-Ti instruments, able to preserve dental tissue in the root canal. Excellent strength and flexibility: flexural modulus similar to dentin, able to guarantee the durability of the restoration
Translucency: light transmission to the apical part of the post, ensuring light curing of the materials used
Radiopacity: ideal radiopacity, allows a perfect Rx control for future diagnosis
Monolithic area: the flexural modulus of TokuPost, the features of Estecem Kit, guarantee functional results and the compact restoration of endodontically treated tooth

1. Cleaning of the canal: tooling and cleaning to remove all the organic matter present in the root canal
2. Reaming of the canal: preparation of the desired conicity with the special sequence of endodontic tools
3. Filling of the canal: using gutta-percha, following one of the condensation techniques, close the root canal
4. Removal of excess gutta-percha: after completing the filling in the apical area, remove the residual gutta-percha where the fiber post will be cemented
5. Use of the verifier: BEFORE the calibrated bur identify the type of post to be used, diameter; AFTER using the calibrated bur to seat the post with the appropriate proportions, 2/3 in the root canal and 1/3 coronal
6. Calibrated bur: used to create the correct seating of the post with an even thickness of cement
7. Cementation of the post: operational phase completable with any cement for fiber posts; for excellent results we suggest Estecem

• 20 quartz fiber posts
• 1 calibrated bur
• 1 verifier

• 10 assorted quartz fiber posts (5 posts for 18S 0.75 and 5 posts x 15R 0.75)
• 1 calibrated bur + 1 verifier


• 30 assorted quartz fiber posts (5 posts per type)
• 3 calibrated burs (1 bur per type)
• 3 verifiers in sizes (0.55 – 0.75 – 0.95)

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Tokupost 15R

A solid foundation for your prosthetic restoration

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A solid foundation to your prosthetic restoration.