It is the world's first“one-shade” flowable composite

It aesthetically matches every tooth shade from A1 to D4
using only one shade of composite, giving clinicians
the freedom of choice for almost any direct restoration.

Unprecedented color matching.

allows you to match the 16 shades of the VITA scale without a final recapping. No colorants or pigments added. The particles themselves generate a red to yellow structural color , which combines with the color of the adjacent tooth.

OMNICHROMA Blocker:the opaque composite for use in combination with OMNICHROMA in direct restorations in the anterior and posterior areas.

Indicated to block the passage of light
and make the anatomical profile of the cavity invisible.

High versatility
High compressive strength,wear resistance and aesthetic properties

make OMNICHROMA Flow suitable for a wide range
of indications as well as usable as a cavity liner and minimally invasive restorations.

Excellent physical and mechanical properties

• Flexural and compressive strengths
suitable for a wide range of restorations
• Low wear and abrasion
• Low polymerization stress

Excellent aesthetic properties

• Unprecedented color matching
• High polishability
• High resistance to stains

Test performed

Flexural and compressive strength

The flexural strength (111Mpa) of OMNICHROMA FLOW represents
a typical level, while its compressive strength (397Mpa) is higher
than most flowable composites, ensuring reliable results.



Anterior and posterior direct

Base or liner



of ceramic/composite

Inorganic filler

Uniform sized supra-nano spherical filler (260nm SiO2-ZrO2)
Spherical shaped pre-polymerized filler of variable diameter
(Includes 260nm SiO2-ZrO2 spherical filler)


UDMA/1,9 - Nonanediol Dimethacrylate

Filler percentages

70wt% (57 vol%)

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The real revolution
in direct conservative treatment


Speed, performance and adaptation to the cavities
of even the most demanding patients.